Australian Recycling and Equipment Pty Ltd

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About Us

Who Are We?

We are a family business of third and fourth generation “scrappers”. We have a wealth of combined experience in the metal recycling industry and are commited to recycling for a better future.

We pride ourselves on our relationship with our customers and strive to provide a service and price which keeps our customers coming back for years to come.

We recycle scrap steel, scrap stainless steel, scrap copper, scrap aluminium, scrap brass and offer cash for scrap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Prohibited Items

Oils Corrosives Flammable Liquids
Glass Explosives Refrigerant Gases
Tyres Gas Bottles Hazardous Materials
Timber LPG Tanks Radio
Poisons Liquid Waste Active Materials
Rubbish Green Waste Accumulators
Concrete Pressure Vessels Asbestos
And “anything” Non-Metallic

Benefits of Recycling

“Check out what you can do for the Environment.”

Recycling involves processing used materials into new products in order to prevent waste of potentially useful materials. Recycing reduces the consumption of raw materials, reduces energy usage, reduces air pollution and water pollution by reducing the need for “conventional” waste disposal. It also lowers greenhouse gas emissions as compared to virgin production.

Many are surprised to learn that steel is the world’s most recycled material. Scrap metals can be recycled and used again for an indefinite period, meaning we protect and preserve some of nature’s most limited resources.

Recycling is undertaken for both economic and environmental reasons. It is always cheaper to recycle steel than to mine virgin ore and move it through the process of making new steel.

Many steel applications are durable however, and even though two out of every three tonnes of new steel are produced from old steel, the fact that cars, appliances, and bridges last a long time means it is necessary to continue to mine virgin ore to support the production of new steel.

Economic expansion, both domestically and internationally, creates additional demand that cannot be fully met by available scrap supplies. A steel mill using scrap steel in place of virgin iron ore to make a new product, gives the public outstanding value. The new product is comparable in performance to a similar product made from virgin iron ore and its manufacturing process offers fewer risks to the environment.