Recycling Equipment

See our range of Recycling Equipment Solutions for Scrap Metal Dealers, Steel Mills, E-Waste Recyclers, Paper/Cardboard/Plastic and Waste Recyclers

Non-Ferrous Recycling

We buy, process and sell all Non-Ferrous Scrap. Our granulation plant processes cable and radiators to produce premium end product for smelters

Equipment Brands

Weigh & Pay

We offer weigh and pay services. Contact us for pricing today

Our Product Range


Monster EVO Granulator sold and Installed in February 2017

Triple Compression Baler sold to NZ, February 2017

Metal Alloy Analyser Sold – March 2017


CIB 1400 Shear Installation at Sell & Parker, Sydney


Refurbished Lefort 600t sold to Sydney


New DH CIV 1000 Presswing and CIV600 Semi Mobile Sold to New Zealand