Why you should sell your scrap metal to us!

Does your business or home have unwanted scrap material clogging up your shed or garage? Did you know that your scrap metal is valuable and can be converted to CASH. Not only will you be assisting in reducing the environmental harm of mining primary metals but will also be rewarded for your recycling efforts by getting cash back for your material.

A.R.E specialises in processing of all your unwanted scrap metal. We are a direct exporter and sell our end product to local smelters to be re-used to make new product.

We purchase the following material:

  • Copper (Bus bar/Tube/Hot Water Systems/Rod/Sheet)
  • Copper Insulated Wire (Cables)
  • Gun Metal
  • Brass (Plumbers Fittings/ Sheet Brass)
  • Aluminium (Sheeting/Extrusions/Cans/Cast/Engines/Outboard Motors)
  • Lead (Batteries/Soft Lead)
  • Steel (Light Gauge Iron/Heavy Steel)

Items we do not accept:

  • Waste
  • Rubbish
  • Paper/Cardboard
  • Explosives
  • Sealed Gas Cannisters
  • Electronic Waste
  • Paint Drums

We require the following when selling your scrap metal:

  • Photographic Identification (Drivers Licence, Proof of Age Card)
  • Any commercial scrap metal delivered will require an ABN and a ABN Supplier Agreement form to be filled in

Services offered:

We want to offer our customers an inclusive service and strive to provide a wide range of services to meet our customers wide range of needs

Bin Service

We offer a Bin services to commercial clients with drop off and collection:

Our range of bins:

  • 1.5 CBM
  • 2 CBM
  • 5 CBM
  • 12 CBM Hook Bins

For more information, or bin request, please call us today


ARE offers a weigh and pay service for clients who cannot deliver their scrap metal.

Areas Serviced:

  • Greater Brisbane area
  • North QLD (Emarald, Gladstone, Bundaberg)
  • South QLD (Gold Coast,Stanthorpe, Armidale)
  • West QLD (Toowoomba, Dalby,Goondiwindi) 

Our Truck is fitted with two weighing systems and can weigh your scrap metal at site and pay you cash for your unwanted metals.

Inquire today to check if we service your area, Terms and conditions do apply, contact us for more information

Many years in the scrap recycling industry have allowed us to create good relationships with traders and end users. We are able to assist you with trading your scrap metals. We are able to sell the following:

  • HMS 1
  • HMS 1&2
  • LMS Bundles
  • NBB (New Black Bales)
  • Fridge Compressors
  • Electric Motors
  • Copper Bases

ARE is a registered exporter with AQSIQ and CCIC

We are capable of assessing your site requirements for any removal job, whether it be removal of cable, steel or any other scrap metal, we are able to assist you in a pain free and profitable way of removing excess or scrap material from your site

ARE is able to provide certificates of destruction for your confidential/restricted or unsafe product. Our processing facility can shred and reduce the size of any product to 1mm in size.

We have processed the following:

  • Military E- Waste
  • Cow Tags
  • Documents
  • Cable

Our Process

ARE has invested in technologically advanced recycling equipment to handle problematic waste in great volumes. Our site is equipped with two fully automated granulation plants with densimetric tables to seperate any mixed commodities based on their weight.

Our processing facility is by far the largest in QLD and has a capacity of processing up to 450 tons per month of Insulated Cable. We are one of the only facilities which is able to process Steel Wire Armoured/Lead Armoured Cable. Our line has recently been fitted with an additional filtration system which allows us to be able to process Paper covered Telecoms cable without any pre-processing or machine blockages. We accept and process the following grades of cable and material:

  • Copper Insulated Wire (TPS, Orange Circ, Extension Cable, LV, MV, HV, Comms)
  • Telecommunications Cable (Paper covered or Plastic Covered)
  • Steel Wire Armoured
  • Aluminium Wire Armoured
  • Lead Armoured
  • Aluminium PVC Cable
  • Aluminium Copper Coils (Radiators)
  • Alucobond Sheeting

With the vast variety of material we are able to process, we produce a range of products which we have sold to local foundry/smelters as well as foreign companies:

Copper Bases:

  1. ISRI Specification: Clove Granules 99.9% Copper (Heavy Gauge)
  2. ISRI Specification: Clove Granules 99.9% Copper (Standard Wire Gauge)
  3. ISRI Specification: Cocoa Granules 99% ( Tolerance for 1%)
  4. ISRI Specification: Cobra Granules 98%
  5. ISRI Specification: Candy (Granule form – produced from AL/CU Coils)
  6. Copper Dust (99.9% Copper)

Aluminium Bases:

  1. ISRI Specification: Tall Nodules 99.45% Aluminium
  2. ISRI Specification: Talon Nodules 
  3. Aluminium 1100 Series Flakes (Produced from AL/CU Radiators and Alucobond Sheeting)

Plastic Bases

  1. Mixed PVC Granules
  2. Virgin LDPE Fines


In 2017, we processed nearly one million kilograms of Scrap metal

In 2018, with the addition of our second plant, we will have the capacity to process up to 450 tons per month