We offer a wide range of Shears. Our shear range includes Shear baler combinations as well as standard high throughput shears. Our equipment is available diesel or electric,mobile, semi mobile or fixed based on your requirements

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Heavy Duty Shears 

High Performance, High Throughput

Available in 800-1600 Ton Shear Force

Suitable for shearing HMS 1, HMS 1/2

Logging and Baling Capabilities

Brochure – HS Heavy Duty Shear Baler Range

M-Generation Shear Balers offer you a low cost per ton throughput rate. 

Available in 550 to 715 ton shear force

Baling and Logging Capabilities

Diesel/Electric Options

Brochure -M-Generation Shear Baler

Incline shears offer the lowest cost per ton out of any shear. Less moving parts equals less maintenance and costs. Incline shears allow you to process any lengths and have the highest throughput rate

Hawk Incline Shear – 800 ton shear force – 250 cuts per hour (fastest in the market)

Monster Incline Shear – 800 ton-1200 ton shear force

Brochure – Hawk Incline Shear

Brochure – Monster Incline Shear


We offer Balers to suit all your processing requirements. Our range includes Static single, double and triple compression balers, car balers as well as Shear Balers for multi purpose processing. Our balers are able to process all your non ferrous, and light gauge steel/iron at high throughput rates given you the best return on investment

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The M-Generation scrap baler and scrap logger feature several different options and configurations in order to guarantee the maximum possible flexibility.

The charging box features three! powerful rams per lid generating a staggering 200 tons of force on the lid and on the side compression lid. This is way more power than any other baler in this segment.

Brochure – M Generation Car Baler

The three compression balers have been designed to work in a scrap yard but can also be integrated in automobile or other stamping plants.

The final product of a scrap baler is a small but very dense bale suited for direct melting by foundries and steel mills. 

The structure is very robust and the hydraulics allow for a very high performance

Brochure – 3 Compression Baler

When it comes to high productivity requirements this is the only baler logger that will do the job.

With a logging or baling cycle of under a minute and enough power to baler and log two cars simultaneously there is no match for this this baler.

The power of the lids and the fast hydraulics assure productivity levels of up to 400 tons per day!

Brochure – Predator Mobile Car Baler

The two compression scrap press has been designed to work in the rough environment of a scrap yard but can also be integrated in automobile or other stamping plants.

The structure is very robust and the hydraulics allow for a very high performance ratio.

The final product is suited for direct smelting  foundries and steel mills.

 Brochure – 2 Compression Balers


Rozzi offers a wide range of grapples to suit many industries requirements. The range includes Orange Peel grapples available in 4,5,6 tynes as well as log grapples, magnetic orange peel grapples and more

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Zanetti Magneti is an Italian manufacturer of Magnets and Hydraulic Shear Attachments. Their simple design is a cost effective solution for downsizing your HMS material. With a wide range of options to choose from, we have the shear to suit your needs

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Electro magnets and Hydraulic magnets can be used for a variety of tasks from yard clean ups to moving bulk metal. The Electro magnets works on a simple 12/24V magnet and can be fitted to skid steers and other smaller excavators whilst the Hydraulic Magnets are high powered for constant use

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