Italian made Electro and Hydraulic Magnets and Demolition shears made for the recycling industry

European made Grapples and attachments designed to meet rigorous requirements of the scrap industry

Low-voltage circular electromagnets (ESB 12-24V)Low-voltage circular electromagnets from the ESB series are normally powered by 12 or 24V (specific dedicated solutions can still be adopted upon request). They are particularly suitable for being used on self-propelled machines without having to install electric generators. Despite being low-voltage, they excellently perform on materials such as shavings or laminations.
They can be fitted with a drilled flat top plate, even with the addition of side teeth, for the coupling with a bracket

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Hydraulic electromagnets (ESA)Hydraulic electromagnets from the ESA series are aimed at handling ferrous materials, especially wreckage meant for recycling or resulting from industrial demolition.

Devoid of their own controls, they are operated by activating the hydraulic flow in the circuit they are connected to (hydraulic hammer or polyp-grab). Their versatility makes them compatible with most machines, which means they can be used on any excavator or industrial loader without having to equip it with a dedicated electrical system.

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ShearsShears are hydraulic equipment used in the industrial demolition sector and operated using the hydraulic line of the user machine to allow cutting demolished ferrous material. It can then also be used for various other solutions to cut iron or material for this same operation.

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Heavy Duty Orange Peel Grapples for Demolition and Scrap recycling


SCE Scrap King Model

Suits 10t to 47t Excavators and Handlers

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Forklift attachment

Grab-IT Hydraulic Grapple Attachments for Forklifts

Quick and easy hook up – perfect for handling smaller loads of scrap metal or other products

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